Club Penguin!

Well Penguins! It's been 5 years since the first Penguin Chat. Ever since we launched the first Penguin Chat, I have had a dream to create a safe, virtual world where children can play games,have fun and interact. Now we are very proud to announce the release of Club Penguin.

Each player chooses a penguin, gives it an identity and explores Club Penguin, interacting with other penguins by chatting, text messaging, playing games, sending greeting cards, or using emotes (emotion icons) and actions (ie. wave, dance, sit, walk or throw a snowball).

By helping other participants and playing games, players earn virtual coins that allow them to buy clothing and accessories for their penguin or furniture for their igloo.


Please visit the new Club Penguin website for all the latest news.

Please Note: Penguin Chat 3 will go offline on Friday, October 28.