Lance Priebe (aka RocketSnail) has been developing worlds since he was a child. In 2000 creating his first virtual world called Penguin Chat and later co-founding and created Club Penguin in 2005. Today Lance is the CEO of Hyper Hippo Games and continues to create new worlds for players to explore.

My personal goal is to delight and inspire a billion fans!

Companies Started

RocketSnail Games is Lance’s personal studio for developing and creating original IP (Intellectual Property). Lance considers RocketSnail Games his Digital Toy company with the goal to delight fans around the world.

Club Penguin
Lance Priebe is one of three co-founders of Club Penguin, one of the most popular and fastest-growing virtual worlds for children. Since Club Penguin’s inception, Lance has led the creative direction and managed the development of technology for Club Penguin.

Hyper Hippo
At Hyper Hippo we like to imagine the ways entertainment can make our world a better place. We want to make bold ideas real, connecting people of all ages from around the globe in fun & safe community.

OOMM Games (Out of my mind)
I have always loved board games, and I have decided to start a board game company. Our goal is to create fun, easy to learn games for everyone.