Unpack your Adventure!
Before it’s opened, a box can contain anything.

What is Box Critters?
Box Critters is a New Virtual World by RocketSnail! The idea is to create new world, inspired by Club Penguin and the adventures of RuneScape. My goal is to make this world widely accessible for browser, mobile and desktop.

When will Box Critters launch?
I do not know when Box Critters will launch. My plan is to continue to make games the way i have always made games. I frequently launch experiments, gather feedback and then decide what to do next. I do not belIeve a game should ever be done. One of the key ingredients of success is patience. Be patient young grasshopper. Enjoy the journey.

Who is creating Box Critters?
Currently it is just me and you (the fans) plus a couple concept artists. As the world grows I will add more designers, developers, artists and moderators.


I do not believe in detailed design documents or lengthy meetings. Experiment and test your ideas. See what sticks, see what people like and gather feedback. Grow your world with your audience.

Experiment #1 - Hamsters!
The goal is to create a room in HTML5 for players to login, move around and chat with other players as a hamster! Why hamster? Why not! Hamsters are cool, and I think they should be the pirate hamsters. Sailing the seas with their furry little faces, dehydrated food pellets and seeking adventure.

Experiment #2 - Coming Soon