Screenhog and RocketSnail

Way back in the summer of 2000 a young animator named Chris Hendricks (Screenhog) sent me this animation and his resume. I didn't bother reading his resume, I was impressed by the animation. Resume's are ridiculous, they don't tell me what i need to know. Anyone can write a decent resume, but will you take the time to impress me. Chris's animation clearly demonstrated that he had researched my company. We have worked together developing games for more than 12 years.

Hyper Hippo - Same Team, Bigger Games!

For the past couple months I have been secretly working with the very talented Pascale Audette to create a larger game studio in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada. Today, I am excited to announce Hyper Hippo Productions.

Why a new studio?

Great question, we need a larger studio to create bigger games. For example, Mech Mice is too big for the little RocketSnail team. Hyper Hippo will allow us to create more games faster. Hippos are big, snails are slow.

What about the RocketSnail team?

Everyone including Cale, Andrew, Russ and Screenhog have joined Hyper Hippo. Can you guess who is who in the image above?

What will happen to RocketSnail?

Nothing. Lance Priebe (aka RocketSnail) will continue to invent and create new games and properties for Hyper Hippo Productions. This site will continue to blog about Club Penguin, Mech Mice, and all the games that I am currently working on.

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