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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Added Analytics to my little MMO. One step closer for you to play around. Most game developers miss this step. It is critical that you know what is going on in your game. Imagine a submarine navigating without sonar. There are many great solutions out there. Try Unity Analytics, Google Analytics or Game Analytics. Next: Monsters or NPC characters.

A little secret about Club Penguin


Want to learn a little secret about Club Penguin? I didn’t make it for kids. I made it for anyone that loves imagination.

Club Penguin is a world full of adventure, mystery and delight. You can be anything you want to be. A pirate that sails the seven seas, a thief that robs the pizza parlour, a ninja that masters an ancient legend, a secret agent, a barista or even an army that wages war on this little snow covered island.

I do not create kids games, I create games that kids can play. Club Penguin is for everyone