The history of Grub!

Grub Yums! 

Grub Yums! 

When my mother-in-law would get upset, she would say "Grub!". I continued this tradition and added it to Club Penguin. This is one of the original messages penguins can use to express their feelings of frustration. Others included the angry and skull emotes.  

Grub appears in most of my games. Mech Mice makes reference to a food and weapon company called Grub Co and the mice say "Grub" when they are frustrated.

Mech Mice Animated Series and Toys

Lance Priebe with Mech Mice Prototype by PlaymateS Toys

Lance Priebe with Mech Mice Prototype by PlaymateS Toys

Today I am very excited to announce the Mech Mice Animated Series and Toys!

Nelvana Partners with Oktobor Animation on New ‘Mech Mice’ Series

CANNES, FRANCE -- Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana is teaming up with Oktobor Animation and Playmates Toys to develop and produce Mech Mice, an animated action-comedy for kids 6 to 11.

The CG series, about a ragtag team of heroic hi-tech mice ready to save the world, is anticipated to premiere in 2017. Mech Mice, created by Oktobor Animation’s Dan Wang and Chris Waters, is an original idea from Lance Priebe, creator of Disney’s Club Penguin and founder of digital gaming studio, Hyper Hippo. Priebe will oversee development of web and mobile games based on the series. Oktobor, Nelvana and Playmates Toys are partners in the production, with Playmates Toys also acting as the global master toy partner for the brand.

“We’re thrilled to announce this array of partnerships that benefits from Oktobor Animation’s world class capability, Playmates Toys’ strength and history of success and Lance Priebe’s industry-leading digital gaming expertise,” said Scott Dyer, President, Nelvana. “Kids will love the high stakes adventures, robust storytelling and hilariously funny characters found within the Mech Mice world.”

Mech Mice follows the adventures of the incorrigible young mouse, Scratch Whitepaw, and his teammates, a ragtag squad of heroic, mini, mech-powered mice, as they turn “awwww” into awesome. Their mission: to protect the weak and defend the mouse way of life. Whether it is facing down the galaxy of natural predators terrorizing mousedom or saving the world from the Dark Union’s evil army of cybernetically enhanced mutant bugs, these furry fighters always find a way to get the job done – usually by the skin of their tiny incisors. Whenever mice are in danger, wherever critters need help, they can count on Scratch Whitepaw and the Mech Mice.

“After two years, Lance Priebe finally figured out how to get mice to pilot their own miniaturized mechs. With their class leading expertise in anthropomorphized hero action, there is simply no one better to head up mech design and manufacturing than Playmates Toys,” said Chris Waters, EVP Business Development at Oktobor. “And parents will no doubt be thrilled that we have a global powerhouse like Nelvana on board to train and deploy these adorable, heroic mice into unsuspecting homes all over the world.”

“We are very excited to be working with such industry veterans as Nelvana and Oktobor Animation for this truly unique, one-of-a-kind property,” said Thomas Chan, CEO, Playmates Toys. “Mech Mice provides a number of unique opportunities to create a highly interactive line of toys that will allow kids to bring Mech Mice to life through their own creative high octane adventures.”

Mech Mice - The Animated Series

I am very excited to show you the glimpse of the Mech Mice Animated Series. With my friends at Oktobor Animation we have been developing an original comedy adventure animated series. Mech Mice features Scratch Whitepaw, an earnest and enthusiastic new recruit to a ragtag Mech Mice squad known as The Roughtails. We plan to share more over the next couple months.


"You are not a game designer until you ship a game." - Me. For almost 3 years, I have been working on Mech Mice. I want to personally thank the many people that made this game happen.

The Fans

First, I want to thank you, the fans! After leaving Club Penguin in 2010, I asked you to help me develop my next game. Your comments and feedback shaped my ideas and Mech Mice was born. You patiently watched Mech Mice grow from concept art, to a book. The book became the launchpad for the game. A team was gathered, we refined the game. You joined us in the Beta, and destroyed millions of bugs. Thank-you.

Mech Mice Tweets
Mech Mice Tweets

Cale Atkinson

I have always started every game with an image. Cale helped me explore the world of Mech Mice. The scale, the mood, and the texture. You created hundreds of illustrations and paintings that never appeared in the game. Thank-you for joining me on this journey to find the "look" of Mech Mice.

The Miller Brothers

Before there was the Mech Mice game, there was an idea; the idea of a squad of mice using their wits and their weapons to defend themselves in a world that considers them prey. I wanted more than a game, I wanted to create a whole universe. That universe needed a history – a backdrop for the mice to inhabit. For most games, that would mean a game design document and countless planning meetings, but I wanted to try something different. What if the world itself was planned through a novel instead?

I have never been a storyteller, and I want to thank the Millers for challenging me to dig deep, and carefully consider the characters and history of Mech Mice. Thanks guys!


Chris Hendricks (aka Screenhog)

When I started Club Penguin, I asked Chris to help me. When I started Mech Mice, again I asked Chris to help me. Chris is one of the most multi-talented individuals I have ever met. No challenge is too small or too great for him. Chris has always been my sounding board and a good friend. Thank you Chris, and I look forward to playing "your" game next.

Andrew Pearson-Roach

Andrew you have always impressed me. You took a huge risk on joining the team before we knew what we were going to build. You have watched Mech Mice grow, change, restart, and finish. Andrew has been the only full-time 3D modeller on the Hyper Hippo team and worked closely with our animators, modellers, and painters at Oktobor Animation.

Russ Horton (aka SheepvsGravity)

Russ and I share the same passion for game mechanics, post-it notes, and mind-maps. I am really impressed that Russ accepted my offer to produce the game. Thank-you for the endless discussions, passionate debates, and a bottomless bowl of chocolate.

Cody Vigue

Cody joined the Mech Mice team later, but he has always been our biggest fan. Early in development, Cody has always provided incredible insight and passion for the entire Mech Mice universe. Later, when Cody joined the Hyper Hippo team he became the Mech Mice Experience Designer. This title does not contain the man called "Cody". His fingerprints are all over Mech Mice. Cody has poured an incredible amount of love and passion into Mech Mice. Thank-you Cody. You put the "Fantastic" into Mech Mice! Thanks to my Coke Zero buddy.

Christopher Waters

Chris from Oktobor Animation has been a good friend, and my creative partner. Thank-you for joining me on this incredible adventure.

Oktobor Animation

INCREDIBLE! The team at Oktobor Animation are some of the industry's best 3D animators, modellers, and painters. It has been a pleasure to create the Mech Mice game with this fantastic team in Auckland New Zealand. Special thanks to Dan Wang, Fraser Clark, Rob DiFiglia, and Rebekah Ross. Rebekah was outstanding and worked with the Hippo team daily. I look forward to a Mech Mice Animated Series. (You the fans can make this happen)

Kevin Yockey

Your server programming skills are unmatched, and your passion for finding the most obscure games amazes me. Many will never see the foundation behind Mech Mice (and Club Penguin). Thank-you for your incredible work.

Clint Schnee

UI and UX design have always been my passion. I started my career as a graphic designer, and I was hesitant to allow someone else to create the Mech Mice interface. But, you blew me away! Thank-you.

Paul Moore

Paul actually joined the Mech Mice team twice. Early in the project, and later when we started production. I am speechless. You are an AWESOME PROGRAMMER! Thank-you for the long days, late nights.

Johnny Jansen (Mech Moose)

You are a Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media guru. The quality of our studio increased 10x when you joined the team. Thanks.

Michael Ratch

I have never been a fan of game design documents, technical design documents, projections, scheduling, planning, and spreadsheets. But without mission control, we would have never put a man on the moon. Thanks for your diligence.

Tristan Rattink

Tristan joined the Hyper Hippo team late in development, but has had an incredible impact on the team and the game. You truly are a SCRUM MASTER! The team was tired, and the race was long. You coached the team to the finish line. Thank-you.

Ty Summach

A game without marketing will never be discovered. Ty continues to tell the world about Mech Mice. He is our champion in the media and industry. Over the next couple weeks and months you will start to see his work around the world. Thank-you.

Jennifer Kilback

Jennifer has been a friend and advisor for many years. She encouraged me to build a larger studio in Kelowna and partner with Pascale.

Pascale Audette

Wow. I don't even know where to start. Pascale took my little hobby studio (RocketSnail) and built a game studio (Hyper Hippo). Without this company Mech Mice would have never happened. Thank-you Pascale for making dreams happen.

Amy and Lucy

Both these ladies have done more work then I will ever know. From behind the scenes they have kept the office running, lights on, and maintained an endless stream of post-it notes. Thank-you.

Daniel and James

Both of these fine gentlemen are new to the Hyper Hippo team, and have jumped in with both feet. Daniel has done an excellent job assembling and crafting the Mech Mice levels. James as hammered away at the code and destroyed countless bugs. Thanks guys, and I look forward to getting to know you more.

Juanita and Sam

You guys rock! You crunch the numbers and keep the bills paid. Thanks!

My Kids

Mech Mice was the fist game I created that my kids were old enough to play and enjoy. I love the fact that I have rarely had the opportunity to play the game. Every time the game starts my kids would push me away and dive in. I have enjoyed the opportunity to play the game through the eyes of children. Thanks guys. I look forward to building more games with you.

My Wife

My wife has always encouraged me to dream big. Thanks for your continued support.


You cannot create a game without great tools. The entire team would like to thank:

  • Unity for their fine product
  • GameAnaylics for this helping us test the game
  • Google for allowing us to Collaborate
  • Cookie Clicker for distracting the entire team (except Screenhog)
  • Coke Zero and Redbull for the long nights.
  • Post-it, Nerf, Sharpie