Creating Games and Starting Companies

What an awesome month! I really enjoy creating games and starting companies.

March was an amazing month for powder. I attempted to spend most of my mornings skiing. I love living and working in Kelowna. This is a beautiful place.


Epic Snails continues to slowly move along. The team at SkyVu have been busy updating the server. We are currently exploring the new SpatialOS engine by Improbable. I have a couple ideas to make the world bigger with more MMO features. I also have a rough outline for the Epic Snails story. An evil slug pretending to be a snail has become leader of the dreaded SALT organization and has decided to exterminate all the epic snails! The snails will need to rally together and defeat the evil (unnamed) slug.

Hyper Hippo Games continues to update and develop AdVenture Capitalist and AdVenture Communist. The team is now considering a third game and I am excited to see what they create!

Happy Bacon Games continues to explore new opportunities with Facebook Instant Games. We will be launching a number of new games this week.

Screenzilla continues to grow. This is my attempt to create a new kind of publisher. One that works with the audience to create games. More news in the next couple months as we begin to publish a number of new games.

I finally did it. After many attempts, I started a small board game company called OOMM Games. OOMM stands for “Out of my mind”. This was the tag line from a humourous newsletter I helped write in college. Our first game No Escape is now available on Kickstarter and we are looking for 400 backers.

I am totally rethinking Box Critters. I have decided not to go with 3D and develop the entire world in 2D HTML5. My goal is to create something more like Club Penguin. This project has been on the back burner as I am still exploring a couple ideas.