What are you building?

Many of you have been following me on Twitter and Facebook and I have been posting a series messages about my secret project call "coffee". The idea behind coffee is to start small and create a single multiuser space for desktop and mobile. My goal is to develop the following core features:

  • Server - I am using a Photon server to connect all the players.
  • Triggers - Triggers are locations in the scene that trigger an event. I currently have triggers that will move the player, start animations, open doors, activate monsters and change the player.
  • Accounts - I am currently working with PlayFab to develop accounts. Accounts allows each player to save their player profiles, characters, items and stats.
  • Chat - I am currently working on a couple ideas for chat. My goal is to create a messaging stream that will allow players to communicate when they are on and offline.

My big vision is to create a Virtual World with MMO features and activities.