Visiting Jagex

I have always admired Jagex and it was amazing to finally meet the team behind Runescape last week. When Club Penguin first launched in 2005 there were a handful of studios experimenting with online browser games. Fans loved the idea. Both games had explosive growth from 2005-2010, aquiring millions of new players. Runescape recently announced that they just past their 200 millionth player and continues to grow. I estimate Club Penguin to be near 400 million players.


Suprising the industry continues to ignore these games. Most studios miss the fact that Club Penguin and Runescape are not games. They are services and a quick tour of each studio you would notice most of the team serves the community not the designer.

Much is said about live operations in the game industry. I am impressed that both the Club Penguin and Jagex teams have release new content every week for years.