Kelowna's Game Industry is Growing

Last June I tweeted "My goal is to help kickstart 5 new studios in the next 5 years in Kelowna". It is critically important to the local game industry that we have a collection of successful studios in the city. These studios will attract, retain, and grow talent. Kelowna already has amazing talent, but we need more. There is a massive shift happening in both games and animation and Kelowna is poised to become a global leader in creating content.

Kelowna's Game Industry:

Disney Online Studios Canada Projects: Club Penguin Employees: 100+

Hyper Hippo Productions Projects: Mech Mice and Leviathans Online Employees: 10-20 and growing quickly

Lemonade Labs Projects: Leviathans Online Employees: Small but growing quickly

Jumb-O-Fun Games Inc Projects: Campgrounds, Country Harvest Employees: Small but growing

Gigatross Games Projects: Grand Class Melee Employees:  Passionate Indies

Kelowna's Animation Industry

Bardel Entertainment Kelowna Projects: TMNT, and Aliens vs Monsters Employees: Small but growing

Yeti Farm Creative Projects: Unannounced Employees: Small but growing

These are the studios and projects that I am aware of. I would love to meet more studios and here about your projects. Together we can grow this industry.