Weapon damage and flipping coins

Well I tend to suffer from analysis paralysis when making game design decisions. For the past couple months I have been struggling with how to calculate Mech Mice weapon damage. Should every attack deliver a set number of weapon damage? or should every attack have the chance to miss? Both have endless pros and cons. This week Russ has started to code the Mech Mice unit stats for the game. I must decide. My answer came from a fantastic tweet by Markus Persson (Creator of Minecraft)

"If you can't decide something important, flip a coin. Your immediate reaction to the result will tell you what your innermost feelings are."

So, I finally rolled a dice. "Even" Mech Mice would have a set number of damage per unit and weapon. "Odd" Mech Mice would have a random chance to miss.

I rolled a FOUR.

Immediately I shouted. "But, I want tension, I want the player to risk!"

So, I finally decided to make the damage a little more random. This decision has created a couple very unique features for Mech Mice. It is possible to miss, and it is possible for a perfect shot.

I plan to flip more coins, and roll a couple more dice.