Where is Chapter 5?

Well summer is almost over and it is time to get back to work! Screenhog has been busy working on the latest Mech Mice prototype, we should have another video next week. Cale continues to draw amazing illustrations of the Mech Mice world, I can't wait to show you the "bar fight" illustration. The Miller Brothers are busy finishing the first Mech Mice book, and we hope to have the book sent to the printers by the end of this month. (Stay tuned) I have been busy working on the new (boring) RocketSnail website.

So where is chapter 5?

Based on all your feedback we have decided to make a couple changes to chapters 1-5.  Starting this week I will re-post all the chapters for you to read.

Why the changes?

Seems alot of our girl fans did not like Magenta, so we decided to rewrite her character and make her Ziro's lieutenant (2nd in command).

Keep posting your comments!