Epic Snails - Update 0.9.3


  • Snails explode, sending helmet and weapon flying on death
  • Added sound when snail jumps
  • Added match end rewards
  • Stars and Coins are earned after every match
  • Rewards are displayed during the match end screen
  • Added header bar account information and control buttons
  • Shows your account name along with your accumulated currency
  • Has buttons for opening Inventory, the Help window, and the Epic Snails FaceBook page
  • Added mouse release key (Left Alt)
  • Allows you to click on buttons in header bar
  • Added list of all players currently in the lobby
  • Only visible while chat is active (i.e. hit enter to see the list)
  • Added hologram displays showing the other snails in the battle arena with you while in the matchmaking room


  • Changed death cam to back away from snail, then zip up into the clouds before zipping back down during respawn
  • Changed font of chat text (in log and bubbles) to make it more readable
  • Increased mouse sensitivity upper range by 50%
  • Does not affect current settings, just gives more range to work with
  • Tweaked various UI elements
  • Teams get rebalanced at the start of each match
  • This should keep team numbers balanced when continuing to the next match

Bug fixes:

  • Camera should no longer be able to get outside the play area when in tight spaces
  • Name-tags of other snails should stop sneaking their way into odd places
  • Sounds of distant explosions should now sound distant
  • Mouse should properly re-lock when tabbing away from and back to the game
  • Fixed placement of several elements of the lobby that left holes in the walls

Known Issues:

  • Snails can spawn outside the match-making room when entering the battle arena
  • Snail nametags and chat bubbles can disappear
  • Relog fixes it
  • UI can sometimes disappear while in a match